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       The purpose of this web site is to present, for educational purposes, certain philatelic materials which I have accumulated over a period of years.  Accessed through the Synagogue Home Page below is a collection of picture postcards and other philatelic materials depicting synagogues from around the world.  Most of these cards date from the early 20th Century and depict synagogues which were destroyed during World War II.  Accessed through the Holocaust Home Page below is a collection of philatelic materials pertaining to the Holocaust, including concentration camp and ghetto mail, correspondence, and documents.

Special Note

        On October 17, 2011,  I contributed my entire collection of synagogue and Holocaust philatelic materials to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.  Although the Museum has been in existence for many years, a permanent home was dedicated in October, 2010, at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles.  The Museum offers visitors an outstanding educational experience, and I urge strongly your visit when in the Los Angeles area.  For more information visit:  Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

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