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    Dora Kagan was born in Riga, Latvia on April 12, 1900.  She ultimately became a Palestinian subject and found herself stranded in France at the outbreak of World War II.  With the help of friends, she went into hiding and was able to obtain documents under the assumed name of Denise Marie Courtois.  On February 22, 1944, she was caught by the Germans and interned at the concentration camp at Vittel (see France).  She was liberated by the Americans.


    Below are thumbnails of seven documents pertaining to Dora Kagan's time in France during the war.  Document 1 is a French Identity Card obtained by her under the name of Denise Marie Courtois.  This document confirms that she is of French nationality and was issued by the Vichy authorities in Nice on May 31, 1943.    Document 2 is a certificate issued by the Germans on April 4, 1944, confirming that she was imprisoned at Vittel after discovering her true identity.  Document 3 is an Internment Certificate signed by the American commanding officer indicating that she was released on October 22, 1944 and had been interned at Vittel from March 23, 1944.  Document 4 is a document issued by the Allied Expeditionary Force Civil Affairs Office to Dora Kagan (now under the name of Dora Gourtowoy) after Vittel had been changed to a displaced persons camp.  Document 5 is a form dated September 4, 1944, permitting her to visit the hospital "Vittel-Palace".  Document 6 is another copy of her Internment Certificate which was certified as a true copy of the original by French police on May 12, 1948.  Document 7 is a certificate issued by the French authorities on Decemeber 20, 1945, pertaining to her internment.  This document also contains a certification stamp dated April 30, 1948.  Please click on the thumbnail to see the full image, and then click your back key or "Documents" in the left frame to return.



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