Although Jews of Portuguese descent arrived in Argentina in the 1580's, the growth of Argentine Jewry into the second largest Jewish community in the western hemisphere is 20th century development.  Prior to 1900, the Jewish population was less than 10,000.  Today, the Jewish population is estimated at about 230,000 to 250,000.  Most of the Jews in Argentina today are of Ashkenazic origin, primarily from central and eastern Europe.  About 15% of the Jewish population is of Sephardic origin from Syria, Turkey and North Africa.

Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is home to the vast majority of Argentine Jews.  Today, the Jewish population is estimated at about 180,000.  The postcard below depicts a Jewish synagogue in Buenos Aires.  Also shown below is the back of the card which contains an advertisement from a jewelry store offering a discount upon presentation of the postcard.



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