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    In 1880, the Jewish population of the United States was about 280,000 out of a total population of 50,155,000.  During the great immigration to the United States from 1880-1925, some 2,378,000 arrived in the United States.  The peak of this immigration was reached during the five consecutive years 1904 to 1908, when 642,000 Jews made their way to the United States.  In 1925, the Jewish population was about 4,500,000 out of a total of 115,000,000.  The present population is about 5,800,000, making the United States the largest Jewish community in the world.


                Atlanta, Georgia

                Baltimore, Maryland

                Chicago, Illinois

                Cleveland, Ohio

                Gloversville, New York

                Hartford, Connecticut

                Kansas City, Missouri

                New Orleans, Louisiana

                Newport, Rhode Island

                New York City

                San Francisco, California

                Yorktown Heights, New York


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